There are 2 content installer links in my Order (Universal Installer ---OR--- Windows/Mac Installer), which one should I select?


Use the Universal Installer (Install.RLD) to apply content to the latest FULL version program like iClone 7/6 (Character Creator 3/2/1), CrazyTalk 8 or Cartoon/CrazyTalk Animator 4/3/2.

Whereas to apply content to legacy tool like CrazyTalk 7, CrazyTalk Animator 1 or iClone 4/previous version, ONLY select the old format Windows/Mac installer to download and install the content.

If you only own iClone 5, then ​after confirming the program compatibility​, ​​you may download and setup the Content Downloader program once;
whereas if you purchased the Mac program (CrazyTalk 8 or Cartoon/CrazyTalk Animator 4/3/2) from App Store, then please download and setup the Content Downloader program once, to install the Universal Installer (Install.RLD).

Steps to execute Universal Installer (aka Content Downloader): -
1) Choose where to install your content, if you have more than one Reallusion program installed.

2) For the first time, run the Installcontent.rlcontent, the Universal Installer will then prompt you for a Member Login verification.

3) Once the installation is completed, see the "View Detail" to know content's whereabouts and "Save Log" to view it later.

Universal Installer demo video: -
Though there are some old terms in the demo video, the operation behavior is the same.