Why did I receive an authorization failed notification for my transaction?

This usually happens when you provide an incorrect Verification Code or the incorrect Expiration Date of your credit card. Please try again and input the correct numbers to complete your transaction.

This notification can also be received for two reasons: either the transaction was declined by the issuing bank or your country/region does not support PayPal. Please check with your bank or refer to: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/integration/direct/rest/country-codes/ for PayPal countries that are supported.
If you find that your region is not supported by PayPal, then kindly contact our Support Team for further assistance.

If the transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not PayPal, then we suggest you contact your card bank to see if they can help you. Or try another card.

We suggest you to contact your bank to resolve all other payment issues even if:
You have successfully used the payment method on a previous order.
You have funds available in your bank account, or your credit card can cover the cost of the order.

Steps that you can take to resolve payment issues.
. Contact your bank about payment security policies. Your bank might flag any unexpected activity on your account.
. Contact your bank about daily withdrawal or purchase limits. Most banks have limits on how much money can be charged or accessed in a single day. If you exceed this daily amount, then your bank might block your account from any further activity regardless of available funds in the account. Your bank might require you to request a higher purchase limit to complete the transaction.
. Contact your bank about payment authorizations and reserved funds.