How to fix signed in with "Failed to login. Parameter error." message? (for Mac OS)

This message is generally indicates that the installer cannot connect to our server to perform activation process.

*** Note: This solution is also applicable to the installation issue with error "Online Verification Failed!" on Mac.

1) Please temporarily disable any security program, such as software firewall, hardware (router) firewall, antivirus, phishing filter, ad-blockers from toolbars, security application (eg: Little Snitch) that may interfere with the online verification process for the duration of the installation.

2) Please make sure that you can connect to our website: -

3) Please temporarily bypass using a proxy server if you are using one: -
i) Launch Safari.
ii) From the main menu choose "Safari" -> "Preferences".
iii) Click on the 'Advanced' icon at the top right of the window.
iv) Near the bottom of the window, beside 'Proxies', click on 'Change Settings...'. The Network Preferences should display.
v) Disable the proxy setting by ensuring there are no proxy servers selected
vi) Select "Apply Now".

4) Ensure Reallusion website is not listed in the hosts file at "/private/etc/hosts". Remove the entry if there is.

How to:

After this, please re-install the Reallusion product.
If you still encountered the same issue after this, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.