CrazyTalk Animator 3 PSD templates for Xara Desinger Pro user

Currently, Xara Designer Pro X does not import nor export empty group layers. This will cause the original CTA 3.1 PSD Template folders such as the; RL_image Group and RL_TalkingHead Image Groups, that don't have images, to be removed.

Reallusion provides another PSD template for Xara users. The folder layers inside all contain the same image layers named; “Photo 'BackHair' (96 dpi)”. Users can remove or keep these layers during character creation. If the design does not require you to change the default images with new images, then please keep the provided image layers to ensure that the file can be imported into CTA. These extra image layers can later be deleted or edited in the Composer Mode of CTA.

Click to download the PSD template for Xara users.