What are three different mapping json profile (StaticCam.json / HeadCam.json / Faceware.json) for and where are they located?

Please find the location below.
[installation path]\Resource\ICFacewareFacialMocap\MappingProfile\
Eg: C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 7\Resource\ICFacewareFacialMocap\MappingProfile\

iClone Facial mocap for Faceware plug-in default mapping profile.
Reallusion focus on attempting to compensate for head rotation errors and head associated distortions from streaming data, and lipsync enhancement.
Work with Faceware Face Tracking model : StaticCam_(S30040).imbin

Based on the StaticCam.json and Optimized for using headcam.
Work with Faceware Face Tracking model : HeadCam_(S30099).imbin

Follow the Faceware system of facial morphs for characters according to their prescribed list. Examples are given using their particular character model: