How to fix a camera set up and calibration issue?

Set up for mocap
Whether using a static or head mounted camera, correct framing and balanced lighting are vital to get best results. Your camera should support at least 30 fps – and if it’s static – this should be positioned face on, approximately at the user’s eye level, whilst a head mounted camera should be positioned face-on, approximately pointing at the user’s nose. Select the appropriate tracking model (static or headcam) in Faceware Realtime, and choose either the staticcam, headcam or the more general Faceware.json file in the mocap plugin – use the json which works best for your character.

Calibration maps your neutral expression to the character’s default expression, and all subsequent animation is relative to that expression. Use the grid overlay in Faceware Realtime to position your face correctly: for a static camera, your eyebrows and mouth should be balanced within the central box – whilst for a head mounted camera, your nose should be roughly central, with your mouth within the central box. Take a neutral, relaxed expression and press the calibrate button. When using staticcam and headcam jsons, open your mouth slightly for calibration – which can improve lipsync. Calibrate regularly to get best results.