Generated Photos Redemption Instructions

Reallusion collaborated with Generated Photos to provide 1-month free member access ($19.99 value) to all Headshot users. Legible users can download a total of 15 high-resolution photos based on your own search criteria. Your downloaded photo are royalty free and licensed for commercial use.

The campaign will end on Jan. 4, 2021.
Please follow the steps to claim 1-month access.

1) If you are an eligible user, login Reallusion web page, and click “Already Have Headshot” to collect the coupon code.

2) After this, you'll need to go to Generated Photos website and register a member account.

3) Go to the 'Email and password' tab of the account and click on the 'Redeem coupon' link.

4) There will be a popup window to redeem a promo code. After entering the code, you will be able to see the plan details in your billing tab.

5) The redeem code is only valid till Feb. 1st, 2021.

6) To download images with the subscription, users need to click on a selected image and then download it as shown in the screenshot below: -

Note: Downloading multiple images from the cart is another service - bulk download, and this option is not included in this promotion campaign.