What is the difference between the Rokoko Profile and the Rokoko Smartgloves Profile?

In support of Rokoko Mocap hardware, Reallusion developed two Rokoko profiles to meet different customer needs.

The Rokoko Profile includes body and hand profiles, which support both the Rokoko Smartsuit and the Rokoko Smartgloves, for a complete body & hand mocap solution.

The Rokoko Smartgloves Profile, only contains a hand profile that supports the Rokoko Smartgloves for hand mocap solution. This is designed for customers who only need Smartgloves for hand mocap.

Note: The Rokoko Smartgloves are standalone, and therefore can combine with other body mocap hardware such as Perception Neuron, Rokoko, or Xsens mocap suits through the Motion Live 2D/ Motion Live plugin to build a full performance capture system.

The list price of the Rokoko Profile is USD $999, the Rokoko Smartgloves Profile is USD $399.