How can I receive a Cartoon Animator 5 Training (previously known as Cartoon Animator 5 Training 6-in-1 Bundle)?

Go to “Order History” to view the Cartoon Animator 5 Training (& 12 Principles of Animation in Cartoon Animator) information by clicking the Serial #:

Copy the URL and open it in a new browser window. It will lead you to the 2D Animation 101 Website, to create an account and view the training courses:

After successful logging in, you can click “My Courses” to start to view these online courses.

Courses included: -
1. Create Your Animated Series in Cartoon Animator 5
2. Adobe Illustrator Essentials for Vector Characters
3. Learn Animation in Cartoon Animator 4
4. Animate a Painting in Cartoon Animator 4
5. Good Timing in Animation in Cartoon Animator 4
6. Save Time in Face Animation in Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline