Where to check my Bonus Points History and how to use Bonus Points to buy products in the store?

Kindly find your Bonus Points History in your member account profile drop-down menu as below:

Bonus Points value are as DA Points (100 Bonus Points = 100 DA Points = US$ 1), which can be used as a payment method in the Reallusion Software Store, Content Store, ActorCore and Marketplace.

Simply choose the “DA/Bonus Points” payment method in the cart, and the system will deduct Bonus Points for your orders. If your Bonus Points are not enough to pay for the orders, you can purchase more DA Points and pay together with the Bonus Points.

Here are the shopping carts payment methods for your reference.

This is Software Store and a Content Store shopping cart, choose “DA/Bonus Points” to pay by Bonus Points :

This is the ActorCore Shopping Cart, choose “DA/Bonus Points” to pay by Bonus Points :

And this is a Marketplace Shopping Cart, the only payment method is DA/Bonus Points: