What other types of cameras can be used for mocap?

Any camera that can be used for video conferencing is support, for example:

- Typical webcam or integrated laptop camera.
- Mobile devices and tablets: Android devices, iPhone, iPad using 3rd party applications like iVCam.
> General instructions (for more detailed instructions, visit the iVCam website):
1) Install iVCam for Windows.

2) Use your app store to find and install iVCam on your mobile device.
3) Use the same WIFI network (both devices must be on the same network) or USB cable to establish a connection. The device will become a webcam. For more information, refer to Connect via Wi-Fi and Connect via USB.
4 Launch AccuFACE and follow the basic operational instructions to start recording.

- Action cameras:
> Only action cameras that have webcam capabilities are supported. Refer to the following resources for more information:
1) GoPro: How To Use Your GoPro As A Webcam
2) Insta360 ONE R: 17 WebCam - ONE R Support
3) Osmo Action 2 & 3:
. How to use Dji Osmo Action 3 as webcam - YouTube
. DJI Action 2 | File Transfer & Webcam - YouTube

> Test sample:
1) Insta360 ONE R + Rokoko Headrig

2) Once a connection has been established, launch AccuFACE and follow the basic instructions for operation: Insta360 ONE R + Rokoko Headrig_Test

> Reminder: Older camera models lack webcam capabilities, making them incompatible with AccuFACE, as is the case with the Osmo Action 2019, for example.

- Digital Cameras and DSLRs:
> Webcam support varies according to manufacturer. For example, Sony has a range of cameras with webcam support.
> For other brands and models, please contact the original manufacturer.
> Test sample - Sony ILCE-5100:
1) Download Imaging Edge Desktop | Sony.
2) Download | Imaging Edge Webcam | Sony.
3) Once installed, follow the direction on How to use | Imaging Edge Webcam | Sony to connect your camera with the computer.
4) Launch AccuFACE and follow the basic operational instructions to start recording.