How to import iClone 3D Motions into CrazyTalk Animator 3?

To import iClone 3D Motions you will need CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline version, and a G2 character in your scene.

For importing iClone 5 embedded 3D motions you will need to: -
1) First, apply a G2 Character in the stage. Please note that iClone motions are only supported by G2 characters.
2) At the Main Menu, select File > Import Animation.
3) Open and find the .iMotion file to import.

For iClone 6/7, to create a new motion you will need to export the motion file as a .rlMotion format: -
1) Load motion into a 3D character in iClone 6/7.
2) Open the Timeline and find the motion clip.
3) Use the Collect Clip track to select the motion range.
4) Right-click the mouse, to choose "Add Motion to Library".
5) In the drop-down file type choose “RL Motion Files”.
6) Then import the .rlMotion file into CrazyTalk Animator 3, by following the above step.