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> My purchased content is not in the Smart Content Manager, how to find it?

> If Smart Content Manager failed to launch, kindly temporarily disable the firewall, proxy, and anti-virus program to check: -

> See this manual on how to download the content in IC8/CC4/CTA5: -

> Check this FAQ to resolve a watermark/can't export issue: -



Importing Mixamo motion issue:
If the thumbs' bones become twisted after importing Mixamo motion into iClone/CC, please note that this is a known issue. We are actively working on fixing this problem in iClone 8.4/Character Creator 4.4.
In the meantime, we recommend using the Edit Motion Layer feature to fine-tune the thumbs.

The issue of missing option [Export .wav format]: We lost an option to export .wav iClone 8.3.
We will fix this in next update, iClone 8.31.

iClone 8 PopcornFX installation issue:
Refer to:



How do I move my content from CTA4 to CTA5?

Kindly also check this tutorial video for the process: -