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<HOTFIX> How to fix some shared textures that cannot find when loading a character?

1) Make sure you have installed the latest version of iClone 8 and Character Creator 4.
2) Close the related program (iClone & CC).
3) Download and uncompress the hotfix ( to your local drive.
4) Run the hotfix in the .bat file: -
. For iClone: Double click the "IC8ReplaceSG.bat"
. For Character Creator: Double click the "CC4ReplaceSG.bat"

Note: This hotfix also fixes the Smart Content Manager failed to initial, after opening the iClone 7 and then opening iClone 8.


> See this manual on how to download the content in IC8/CC4/CTA5: -

> Check this FAQ to resolve a watermark issue: -

> To troubleshoot connection issues, kindly disable the firewall, proxy or security/monitoring software (anti-virus program) to check: -



How do I move my content from CTA4 to CTA5?



Splash Error issue:
This should be a cache issue. To fix this, you may delete the cache.
- Go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\iClone
- Delete all the folders.
- Connect Internet and open iClone 8.
Check if it solved.

If the issue does still,
- You can right click iClone 8 > Run as administrator.
- Or just click iClone 8 on taskbar, then close the splash.


iClone 8 PopcornFX installation issue:
Refer to:

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