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Support Sticky Board: PRODUCT Latest Notice

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> My purchased content is not in the Smart Content Manager, how to find it?

> If Smart Content Manager failed to launch, kindly temporarily disable the firewall, proxy, and anti-virus program to check: -

> See this manual on how to download the content in IC8/CC4/CTA5: -

> Check this FAQ to resolve a watermark/can't export issue: -



Live Link for Unreal Engine 5.4:
For now, Live Link for UE5.4 folder is not implemented from official download.
However, users can still install Live Link plugin with Reallusion Hub, and then get the Live Link for UE5.4 from Unreal Marketplace. See the steps in the video below at 1:25.

The current version of Live Link does not include Live Link for Unreal 5.3, please download it here:

Importing Mixamo motion issue:
If the thumbs' bones become twisted after importing Mixamo motion into iClone/CC, please note that this is a known issue. We are actively working on fixing this problem in iClone 8.4/Character Creator 4.4.
In the meantime, we recommend using the Edit Motion Layer feature to fine-tune the thumbs.

iClone 8 PopcornFX installation issue:
Refer to:

Apply specific prop, then rotate camera, iClone 8 crashes.
There is a potential defect if users upgrade Nvidia graphics card driver. We've reported to Nvidia for their further updates, ETA Nov21st fixed for Game Ready Driver, Dec12th for Studio Driver.
Solution: Workaround is to roll back to the previous version of graphics card driver.
- For now these two versions are safe.
Game : 537.58
Studio : 537.58
(Both released at Oct 10th)
- It might encounter crashing issue if you are in these two version:
545.84 & 545.92



How do I move my content from CTA4 to CTA5?

Kindly also check this tutorial video for the process: -

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