How to fix iClone 6/7 with Mocap device connection issue?



How to fix iClone 6/7 with Mocap device connection issue?

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Most Mocap problems occur when there is a conflict between the versions of the installed Mocap Device Plug-in, or the wrong version has been installed.

There are currently three Kinect models that are supported, "Kinect for Xbox ONE" sensors will have "XBOX" on the top, "Kinect for Xbox" sensors will have "XBOX 360" on the front, while "Kinect For Windows" sensors will have "Kinect" on the front.

Each one requires its own version of the Mocap Device Plug-in. Please install ONLY the one that applies to your version of the Kinect sensor.

These are: -

Kinect for Xbox ONE (latest)
(For Kinect for Xbox ONE devices, Windows 8/10 and iClone 6.21+)

Kinect for Xbox
(For Kinect for Xbox devices, Windows 7 and iClone 5/6/7)

Kinect For Windows
(For Kinect for Windows devices, Windows 7/8 and iClone 5/6/7)

*How to Setup:

Each file above contain everything you need. You should not install any other drivers, SDK's or software.

Do uninstall any version of the plug-in or Kinect SDK you have currently installed. Then restart your computer with the Kinect disconnected.

After this, install the correct version of the plug-in for your system as described above before connecting the powered Kinect USB cable to the computer. It will then finalize the installation of the drivers. You should then get confirmation in the notification area when this is complete.

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