How should I respond to a missing video codec error?



How should I respond to a missing video codec error?

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Supported Video Formats
These video (container) formats are supported: AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, and MOV.

If you are still encountering the “Unable to open video due to missing video codec.” error, make sure to install the proper codec packs so your Windows system can parse the unfamiliar format.

How to install the required codecs?
You will need to install the corresponding video codec in order to read and play certain video formats.
- K-lite codec is a good place to acquire the bare essentials needed for multimedia playback.
- HEVC Video Extension is needed for shooting iPhone videos in HEIC/HEVC formats.
- HEIC = High Efficiency Image Container
- HEVC = High Efficiency Video Coding
*If you run into playback errors, even after installing the proper codecs, consider converting your video into a supported format. is a conversion site you can use for free.

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