What are some of the limitations of the Iray render plugin?



What are some of the limitations of the Iray render plugin?

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Iray Render
  • Opacity and subsurface scattering effect for RL auto-convert shader can not co-exist at the same time. When both are enabled, SSS will take precedence over opacity.
  • Objects in Iray do not have backface culling. This is by design so as to not break the physical correctness of the path tracing for indirect rays.

iClone Render Iray Render

Depth of Field

  • DOF is the result of convergence of light rays at the focal point.
  • iClone's DOF system offers flexible adjustments for near and far field blur effect. Iray's DOF can not deviate from what is physically offered by real-world camera lenses.


iClone offers fine-grain control over various aspects of DOF that allows for artistic license over what would otherwise be a physically limited effect.

iClone allows for adjustments of blurs for near and far plane from the DOF focal point that can be modified independently.

Iray lacks the minute controls for the near and far plane from the DOF focal point, therefore, they have fixed relations.

Note: The following features are not supported in the current version of Iray Render plug-in:

Scene elements: Image Layers, Water, iParticle, PopcornFX, Lens Flare.
Visual effects: Global Illumination, Shadow Maps, Ambient Lights, Ambient Occlusion, Fog, Toon Shader, HDR, Post-effects.
Character: Dynamic Wrinkles


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