What are Expression Wrinkles? (CCv4.2)



What are Expression Wrinkles? (CCv4.2)

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Other than driving morphs, facial animation requires the activation of wrinkle textures to achieve realistic animations and performances. Know more >

Expression Wrinkles for CC4.2 and IC8.2 fall into two different categories.

General Wrinkles (Live)
Technical Specs:
Keeps the source maps and does not merge the wrinkle patterns with the base textures. This type of wrinkle system is the most flexible.
Because the wrinkles have not been flattened, Adjust Color, Skin Color (baked to Diffuse map), and Skin Gen can still be adjusted. The Wrinkle system works atop of the aforementioned features and adapts accordingly to the adjustments.

- Benefits: Skin tones are adjustable.
Example: Actor > Expression Wrinkles > "Neutral.rlWrinkle".

Individual Wrinkles (Flattened)
Technical Specs:
The wrinkles are especially tailored for the character. Since there are no source maps, the wrinkles are merged onto the base textures and are directly edited when changes need to be made.
These wrinkles cannot be applied to other characters because they are merged.

- Benefits: Tailored specifically for the character so the fine details of the skin and wrinkles are kept in high fidelity.
Example: Actor > Expression Wrinkles > "Kevin.rlWrinkle".

Get more introduction from Online Manual.

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