How to fix the reCAPTCHA verification failed error?



How to fix the reCAPTCHA verification failed error?

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We have implemented Google reCAPTCHA into the Reallusion member login to eliminate malicious activity. The "CAPTCHA verification failed" error is from Google. Usually, we suggest that users do the following: -
1) Try again later.
2) Use another internet browser like Firefox, Opera, and etc.
3) Use another computer --or-- turn on/off the modem with a brand new IP address.
4) Log into their Reallusion member account on another device like mobile phone.
5) Manually enter email address and password, instead of browser autofill login credentials.
6) Directly connect to network instead of using a VPN/proxy.
7) Delete the "User Data" folder in Chrome, and restart Chrome.
Know more:

On top of that, avoid using bland email addresses such as: -

If you are using the above generic email addresses, then we suggest changing your email address: -

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