What is the difference between the Content Store, Marketplace and ActorCore?



What is the difference between the Content Store, Marketplace and ActorCore?

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We have three stores for Content purchase: Content Store, Marketplace and ActorCore, each store has different marketing promotions and pricing policies.

Content Store focuses on providing content bundle packages and combos for members who have Reallusion software such as iClone7 or iClone8, Character Creator 3 (CC3) or CC4, Cartoon Animator 4 (CTA4) or CTA5. Some content packs are provided with both Standard license and Extended license. You may also refer to the Content licensing here.

ActorCore focuses on providing 3D Actors, Motions and Props for both iClone and Character Creator users and other 3D tools for Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya etc., all content is provided with an export format to download to other 3D tools directly after purchasing. Some content packs are sold on both the Content store and ActorCore, but the final sale price sometimes might not be the same due to different store promotions.

The Marketplace is a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform. All iClone/CC/CTA developers can sell their content items in the Marketplace. Users who purchase in the Marketplace can contact content developers (authors) for help on content issues.

Payment methods:
Any purchases from the Content Store and ActorCore can be paid through Paypal, Credit Card or DA Points. While purchases from the Marketplace can only be paid with DA Points.

Refund Policy:
All content purchased from Content Store, ActorCore and the Marketplace are NON-refundable as all items can be reviewed on ActorCore, and some items can be trial downloaded from the Marketplace before purchasing. Please check the content details before placing orders.

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