How to uninstall Reallusion Program in Mac version?



How to uninstall Reallusion Program in Mac version?

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2 recommended ways for each Reallusion program download source and we use CrazyTalk 7 as example here, just replace the name to the product you installed: -

If your download source from App Store: -
Go to Finder, search for "CrazyTalk7", right click on the related application and Move to Trash
may drag the application directly to Trash can.
More info:
After this, please using Spotlight to verify and delete if "CrazyTalk7" filenames still exists.

Whereas for download source from Reallusion: -
Go to Finder, search for "Uninstall CrazyTalk7", double click to execute the un-installation of the related application. You might need your Mac logon to complete the operation.

Verification Steps: -
1) Goto Finder, looking for Macintosh HD.

2a) For CrazyTalk7, Run "" file at: -
Library > Application Support > Reallusion > Uninstaller >

2b) Whereas for CrazyTalk Animator 2 or FaceFilter 3, please allow Installer Helper to uninstall program by running "Uninstall <program name>-<program edition>.app" at: -
Library > Applicaiton Support > Reallusion > Unnstaller > Uninstaller > Uninstall <program name>-<program edition>.app

3) Double check whether related ".plist" file is being deleted, if not manually delete it: -
Library > Preferences > com.reallusion.CrazyTalk7.plist/CrazyTalk7Pro.plist/CrazyTalk7Standard.plist
Note: Since CrazyTalk7.3, the "" or ".plist" will follow with the Pro/Standard version naming.

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