How to fix CrazyTalk 8 crashes or can't launch issue?



How to fix CrazyTalk 8 crashes or can't launch issue?

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Note: This is only applicable to Dell PC!


There is a bug in Dell's Backup and Recovery software that is causing any 64-bit application which uses the Qt5 core DLLs to crash. The below are the 2 methods to fix.

1st Method: -
Apply Fixed Patch
1) Make sure Dell's Backup and Recovery software is installed.

2) Confirm the installed path was under C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Backup and Recovery\

3) Copy the Fixed Patch zip file from to local drive and un-compress it.

4) Double click to run "UnregisterDellShellExtension.bat".

Note: If to restore from the Fixed Patch, just double click to run "Restore.bat"​.

2nd Method: -
May uninstall the AlienRespawn or Dell Backup and Recovery application that is responsible for the crash.
This utility software is pre-installed on new Dell and Alienware computers and is incompaiible with CrazyTalk 8.

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